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Damart Catalogue Store. Damart, the UK clothing and home goods store, is not your everyday run-of-the-mill clothing destination, and stocks great clothes for both women and men in a wide range of sizes. Damart is unique because of its expertise in designing both stylish and practical thermal clothing, although you'll find that Damart offers a great selection of fashionable clothes for every need all year round. A French company, Damart was founded back in the 1950's by three brothers whose success was gained from developing a material called Thermolactyl, a unique man-made fibre which is now best known for its ability to offer warmth without lots of heavy layers.

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Shopping with Damart - either online or through the Damart mail-order catalogue - is simple, and can be done from the comfort of home, any time of day. There are sometimes special online exclusive deals available at the Damart catalogue website store that you won't find in the Damart mail-order catalogue, so even if you are an accomplished Damart catalogue shopper, it can still be a profitable enterprise to visit the Damart website too, where you'll find the very latest offers, which may not always be in your copy of the catalogue.

Damart is always updating its stylish collections to generate a sense of vitality, forward-thinking and care through its wonderful range of products and customer relationships.

To offer its style and comfort, the Damart fashion collections offer compelling modern styles, using materials with a sensual touch. Damart has several such brands, including its innovative styles with brands such as Ocealis; the Damart Lineastyl brand; and its Climatyl brand, each of which offer different benefits and differing protection against the constantly-changing weather and which offer a very personal sense of style.

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